Thursday, March 1, 2012

Follow-up appointment today.... 1:45pm

I am so anxious to visit the GI dr with the baby today. We are getting the results of his second endoscopy, which was last week. He told us that the esophagus was still badly inflamed, but he wasn't sure if it was better/worse/the same as the first scope in December. Once we see him today, we will have that answer and see how we are going to proceed- continue w/ this modified diet, begin meds, or some other alternative that I know nothing about. I have a sneaking suspicion that a steroid will be the drug of choice today, and if it helps heal my son's tender insides, I will do it.

We also have an appointment with a nutritionist in April, although I am pushing for a sooner appointment. Apparently the "good" ones book up quickly. :(

And I am on the lookout for another allergist as I am not happy with the one we are seeing. Any suggestions for an allergist in the Staten Island or NJ area?

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