Sunday, February 26, 2012

TJ-safe cake mix!!!

And not at a crazy price either!! (Retail at $5.49 a box)

After repeatedly seeing a commercial for those cake pop trays on Sprout this morning, TJ was crying for cake pops. (Before being diagnosed, I used to make them ALL the time for him.) IT was early & we were both in our pajamas, as you see, but we worked together to mix the batter.

You MUST try Cherrybrook Kitchen gluten-free vanilla cake mix. Believe it or not, it is sold in Stop & Shop (I am so thankful that they opened up near me! It's great to have another alternative to the small health food store, which I love to support, but can't always afford to!)

TJ helped me prepare the batter- it calls for water and butter, but gives applicable substitutions if you can't have real butter (like TJ.) Instead of using oil or applesauce, we actually used his butter (the Earth Balance soy-free spread) and it was delicious. We used a mini-muffin tin. I didn't frost them (I wanted to save the frosting for another time since it is a bit pricier than Duncan Hines!) TJ ate about 5 of them before I made him stop! I didn't want a tummyache!

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